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Tens Unit > Tens Unit TENS-2500

Code: S942

Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator 942
Dual isolated channels, two lead per channel
Pulse amplitude (constant current): Adjustable 0-80 mA, 500 ohm load.  Pulse frequency: Adjustable 2-150 Hz. 
Pulse with (micro seconds): Adjustable 60-250
3 mode selector
Adjustable timer: 30 min 60 min, or constant time.
Wave form: Asymmetrical, Bi-Phase, square pulse

Carrying case, 2 dual channel lead wires, 9-Volt battery, and 4 reusable electrodes.

Additonal electrodes are available

NOTE: Prescription is required


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Tens Unit > Tens Unit TENS / EMS COMBO

Code: 3695

TENS and EMS combo TS-1211/TS-1311 combo
combines the benefis of both Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulator and Electric Muscle Stimulator therapy 

NOTE: Prescription is required


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Tens Unit > TENS 7000

Code: 4216

Roscoe Medical Better Living
Tens 700 To Go
(Prescription Strength)

Back Pain Relief System
For relief of pain associated with sore and sching muscles in the low back
-TENS Technology stimulates body's own natural pain killers
-On-demand pain relief where and when you need it
-Conductive electrode technology transmits current directly to pain site
-Provides a convenient "get dressed" quick option for patients on the go
-ONe size fits all, stylish for both men and women
-Easy-to-use, handheld controls allow you to customize your therapy
-Doctor recommended
-Available without a prescription

Includes the following:
-One dual channel digital stimulator unit
-Support belt that fits to a 52" waist
-Two snap connector wires abd kead wires
-Cunductive spray for rubber electrode pads
-ONe 9-volt battery
-User manual